Frequency Converter Industry Applications

Since the world power grid index is not unified, export electronics manufacturers need to supply simulation power grid conditions in different countries, offering clean, reliable low harmonic distortion, high stability sine wave power output for engineers in designing, development, production line testing, quality assurance, life expectancy, high/low pressure simulation tests, etc. User imported original electrical equipment also need to change the voltage of the power grid, and the frequency converter can ensure the normal operation of imported electrical appliances and equipment. The frequency converter can also meet the high frequency needs of avionics military equipment.
Frequency converter for aviation

Frequency converter is mainly used in the manufacture or export electrical products testing, debugging and precision instruments. It is also widely used in home appliances manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, IT industry, computer equipment, laboratories, etc.

Appliance industry manufacturers such as: air-conditioning, coffee maker, washing machine, juicer, microwave oven, tape recorder, refrigerator, DVD, BD, vacuum cleaner, electric shaver and other products.

Electrical machine manufacturers such as: switching power supply, transformer, electronic ballast, AC fan, uninterruptible power system, charger, relay, compressor, motor, passive component and other products.

IT industry and computer equipment manufacturers such as: fax machines, photocopiers, shredder, printer, scanner, recorder, web server, monitor and other products.

Laboratory and testing groups such as: AC power supply testing, product life and safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, OQC (FQC) testing, product testing and R&D, research institutes etc.

Aviation/military departments such as: airport ground facilities, ship, aerospace, military research institutes etc.

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