Frequency Converter Industry Applications

Since the world power grid index is not unified, export electronics manufacturers need to supply simulation power grid conditions in different countries, offering clean, reliable low harmonic distortion, high stability sine wave power output for engineers in designing, development, production line testing, quality assurance, life expectancy, high/low pressure simulation tests, etc. User imported original electrical equipment also need to change the voltage of the power grid, and the frequency converter can ensure the normal operation of imported electrical appliances and equipment. The frequency converter can also meet the high frequency needs of avionics military equipment.
Frequency converter for aviation
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How to Choose a Frequency Converter?

Learn how to select a suitable frequency converter for the normal operation of machinery and equipment electrical control system is essential. When choosing a frequency converter, you should attention to the load torque characteristics, speed range, static speed precision, starting torque requirements and use of the environment, and then decide which frequency converter to use. The so-called proper use is to achieve the best cost-effective applications under actual production requirements and the using occasion.

I. Choose appropriate control mode of frequency converter according to load characteristic
There are more types of frequency converter on the market, and the functions are becoming stronger. So the performance of frequency converter has become the determining factor. In addition to the quality of manufacturing, the control is also very important for frequency converter.

Frequency Converter

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