Replace Frequency Converter Spare Parts to Ensure its Service Life

Long time use of frequency converter will lead to lower quality and efficiency, resulting in serious impact on the equipment. So we not only need to regularly replace the spare parts of the frequency converter, but also need to know the correct way of replacement, in this way we are able to ensure the quality and service life. Now we will introduce you the replacing method of frequency converter spare parts.
Frequency converter maintenance

Filter Capacitor
Filter capacitor also known as electrolytic capacitor, which mainly used to absorb low-frequency harmonics in the DC power supply, in order to smooth DC voltage. If the filter capacitor continuous operation for a long time, the heat generated will let the electrolyte dry faster, affect the capacity. Filter capacitor life under normal circumstances is five years. If you want to effectively guarantee the frequency converter service life, it is recommended to periodically checking once a year. Generally, if the capacity reduction is more than 20%, it will need to be replaced.

Cooling Fan
Power supply module is the most severe heating device in a frequency converter. It must promptly and continuously discharge the heat to avoid being damaged. Generally, service life of cooling fan is about 10Kh-40K, that is to say, under continuous operation, the fan need to be replaced beyond two to three years. The fan voltage is generally 220V or 380V, pay attention to replace a correct one. Cooling fan has 2 or 3 tier, the 2 tier fan line is positive and negative, do not connect wrong in replacement; 3 tier fan has one more detect line, pay attention to avoid overheating alarm when replacing.

Frequency converter has variety of components, some of the components will have inevitably aging after prolonged use, performance will also diminish, and it will lead to variable glitches. So when we use the frequency converter, in addition to necessary maintenance work, regular inspection replacement work it is also very important and very necessary.

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