Frequency Converter Technical Requirements

The technical parameters of the frequency converter are divided into the input side and output side. The technical parameters of the input side of the inverter include input voltage, phase number, frequency; the technical parameters of the output side include rated output voltage, rated current, rated capacity, capacity, frequency accuracy, frequency resolution, protection level, and other performance indicators.

Frequency converter total rated capacity

The total rated capacity of the frequency converter is 6000VA.

Input single-phase AC: 220V±10%, output three-phase four-wire symmetrical power (per phase rated power 2000VA), requires a power supply with twice overload capacity in a short time.

Frequency converter dielectric strength

The shell, voltage output terminal and ground shall be subjected to frequency AC 3000V, which lasted one minute and not being breakdown.

Output frequency

Three gear fixed output frequency: 40Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz; frequency accuracy should guarantee ±0.05%.

GoHz 50Hz 60Hz frequency converters

2 gears

Frequency converter voltage is fixed at two gears, 250V and 1000V. The gears share the same output terminal.

  • The first gear

Rated output 0~250V (refers to the three-phase four-wire, single-phase output voltage) and continuously adjustable output voltage, output current 8A~2A; output characteristic requirement as the same above.

  • The second gear

Rated output 0~1000V (refers to the three-phase four-wire, single-phase output voltage) and continuously adjustable output voltage, output current 2A~5mA; output characteristic requirement as the same above.

Short circuit

The frequency converter should have a short circuit, overload, power device overheat protections, as well as the maximum current overload alarm (which is prompted by the phase voltage or current overload).

Frequency converter three-phase output characteristics

  • Output characteristic of frequency converter should not be affected by inductive or capacitive load.
  • When frequency converter working in non-power frequency output, to ensure the load on the external power supply output terminal of the anti-power transmission (reverse current 50HZ/20A per phase) when a non-normal output power frequency voltage and current signals.
  • Frequency converter can output three-phase four-wire power supply, as well as single-phase power supply.

Frequency converter structural requirement

AIO structure or split type structures: The converter must ensure anti-transport and good chatter performance; reasonable assembled inside the power supply, ease of maintenance; power control key, input, and output terminals are installed on the surface of the device, power supply frequency has clear lights, the base has a self-locking function with large casters (AIO structure) and is easy for spot movement; on both sides of the power supply have a reasonable carry handle and recessed in the surface of the cabinet.

GoHz frequency converter structure technique

Harmonic content

  • 0~250V: ≤3%
  • 0~1000V: ≤3%

Output terminal and ground terminal

  • Voltage input: U, N
  • Voltage output: UA, UB, UC, N
  • Chassis ground: GND
  • Frequency signal output: pulse frequency (5V), ground (5V ground)

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